Balloons over the Melbourne Skyline

It is wonderful when you look out over the skyline of Melbourne before breakfast and your eyes are immediately drawn to bright coloured objects just floating  in the sky. The view must be spectacular as the people in the hot air balloons look over what was a very cool morning.

What could be a better way to start the morning than thinking how cold it is up there whilst sitting in bed with a nice cup of coffee!!

As I looked down St Kilda Road, the War Memorial nestled in parklands was highlighted with early morning sun reflecting off the side of the building. It made you think that though there is business all around, the impact and significance of this memorial makes a lasting impact. It is so contrasted by modern day buildings that make up the Central Business District called Melbourne.

Looking west and over Albert Lake, the contrast of accommodation apartments, office developments, bridges and the industrial port area in the background shows how much diversity exists in the capital of Victoria.

Albert Park, Melbourne looking West towards the Bolte Bridge

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