Caeserea Amphitheatre
Caeserea Amphitheatre

King Herod worked vary hard to find favour with the Romans – as a result, Herod was about to take advantage and build many structures throughout what is now known as Israel. This included a Palace and Amphitheatre along the lines of the Roman Architecture. In Caesarea, there is a Maritima Park that is a National Park which incorporates all the old structures remains.

The Amphitheatre has had some extensive renovations undertaken which now shows what it used to look like.

King Herod also built a Palace right on the coast and the remains of this is in the photograph below.

Remains of King Herod's Palace
Remains of King Herod’s Palace

The time we had at Caesarea was very wet, windy and cloudy which impacted somewhat on what we were able to see.

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