Campsite Tent at Gunbower

Campsite selection was really great at Gunbower National Park. The site we selected was relatively clear and flat. One of the things that you must be careful about when camping along the River is the Gum Trees. They can lose branches at anytime without any warning signs. Hence we made sure that we were well clear of branches.

This was our first trip with a Portable Toilet – so setting this up not too far from the tent – but also far enough away – was important.

Closer to the River we set up our “Kitchen and Lounge” area

Kitchen and Camping area at Gunbower

The weather forecast was fine – hence setting things up the way worked well.

One recent addition to our kit was a portable hot plate that is placed over a fire (Shown just to the right on the above Photo). This was really great and allowed some great cooking to be undertaken – great for a site that did not have recognised camp fire sites with hot plates provided.

The view from the campsite was brilliant – very relaxing and plenty of room. Isn’t that what camping is all about.

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