Hamish at the Dead Sea
Hamish at the Dead Sea

Gee it was hot!!! and I’ve never been so far below sea level before. Fancy being over 400 metres below sea level.

When we went to Israel and finally got through customs – I saw lots of places that most people don’t get to see in the Customs building at Allenby Bridge, but it strikes me as a bit odd that they haven’t seen a bear before with a passport.

We made our way by bus down to the Dead Sea in Israel. I was pleased that my Mum made me a sun hat cause I really did need it.

The Dead Sea is very salty – they told us it is over thirty percent salt and people look really funny when you get into the water. You just can’t swim. All the people just blobbed in the water. With all that salt, you mustn’t get the water in your eyes.

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