View looking down from the Summit of Mt Sinai

The time on top of Mt Sinai was a time that was reflective – but it was also a great time for photos and meeting people. But as with all things – what goes up, must come down. So as our time on the summit came to an end we turned around and looked back towards the track that we had ascended during the night.

The view was spectacular. It was rugged, dry and beautiful. a small amount of foggy haze in the distance – then it struck. How did we climb up here. I guess it was just as well we could’t see where we were going when we rode the camel and climbed the last 700 steps.

Partway down the track from the summit, I turned around to look at the rugged mountains that we had just climbed. What a view – and to remember that this is the “Mountain of God”

Looking at the summit of Mt Sinai

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