Luxor Temple 2011

Egypt is a fascinating Country – When we visited in October of 2011, I felt I could not get enough of the history, the sites, the Antiquities and the culture. Would I visit Egypt again – if given the opportunity, I would most probably say yes!! And that is what we have done. Another visit in March of 2014. These include details from both trips.






Mt Sinai

Nile River

Sharm El-Sheik

Sinai Peninsula

Cave Church

Coptic Cairo

Edfu Temple

Egyptian Museum

Temple of Hatshepsut

High Dam

Karnak Temple

    Kom Ombo Temple

    Luxor Temple

    Marriott Hotel

    Medinet Habu

    Muhammad Ali Mosque

    Philae Temple

    Pyramids of Giza

    Unfinished Obelisk