Zambo, our guide in Botswana, wanted to show us something special when we started out in the dark. We were not allowed into the park before 6:00am – but we were at the gate waiting to enter when we were given the OK to enter.

Every so often, he would stop the 4WD and look at the side of the track – looking for tracks. We continued…..stopped….continued….stopped and then all of a sudden, we were off the track as we heard a lot of monkeys making a lot of noise.

We stopped and looked up a tree and there was a leopard going from branch to branch chasing the monkeys. They were able to avoid the leopard. Just as we were getting camera focused on the leopard, it climbed down the trunk of the tree and off into the vegetation.

What a great experience. We drove back to track and stopped and looked at our photos. Many were blurred of slightly out of focus, but overall we were all really excited that we were able to see a leopard “in action”.

We then turned and looked out the front of the 4WD and there in front, just off the side of the track was the leopard…just looking at us.

Of course, the camera were focused and aimed and I was thrilled that it just seemed to pose for us. It slowly stood up and walked directly in front of us (about 20 metres away), across the track and then into the bush on the other side of the track. As it did, it walked through a section that had great morning light. The light made the rosettes on the coat of the Leopard really stand out.

Having to get up at 5:00am for the early morning safari was really worthwhile – and you can guess we had a great deal to talk about when we got back for breakfast!!

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