Excitement – we have been told we are going to Giza – We are actually going to see the Pyramids – well what else do you want to do when you go to Egypt? So on the bus and off we go. Traffic – as I have talked about before – is congested and busy. No lines at all on these major roads and people just travel wherever they feel like. The sound of horns is common place as people change lanes and the like.

It was getting on in the day – the sun was going down in the West and just past the buildings we see our first glimpse of a Pyramid. They are huge – the closer we got – the larger they seemed.

I guess I was a little naive in my thinking that the Pyramids are out in the desert – but I was mistaken. They are in the desert, but the City goes right up to them. I will be writing an article to show how close very soon.

For more information about the Pyramids of Giza

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