Pacific National Train moving grain near Goyura

Where is Goyura – I didn’t know the name until I looked it up on the map after taking this photo. There was not even a sign on the road to indicate the name of the area.

Goyura is on the Henty Highway about 9 kilometres south of Hopetoun. This area is directly alongside the Yarriambiack Creek which runs along the western side of the road.

Travelling from Hopetoun back towards Warracknabeal, I spotted this train moving slowly down the railway line moving Grain. In the Mallee there are numerous Silos similar to one in the photo scattered along the railway lines that allowed farmers to have short runs from their farms to allow the grain they produced to be able to be railed to the port and enable it to be exported to market.

These little settlements are now non-existent and the only thing remaining is the Silos.

For more information about the Mallee in Victoria

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