River Murray – Gunbower National Park

Heather and I decided to head away for a couple of nights and thought a trip to the Murray would be a good thing to test out our camping gear and to spend time catching up on long overdue reading.

Destination was Gunbower National Park located between Cohuna and Welton running along the River Murray. With no exact destination in mind, we made our way to the East end of the park and ended up finding a nice quiet section of the river bank near Jones Bend.

Gunbower National Park is 8892ha and is a unique and diverse wonderland of water birds, wildlife and aquatic plants. The park is ideal for camping  and a range of water based recreation.

Ducks on the River Murray

Early morning views of the river and the reflections on the still water made for some great photography opportunities and even though it was duck season, the only thing I was aiming at ducks was my camera. The water birds was quite diverse – a variety of ducks, waterfowl, cormorants were quite numerous. Of course there were plenty of cockatoos and galahs. A couple of eagles also soared over the river particularly in the late afternoon.

Boating on the Murray

Whilst not busy for the few days we were there, there were a number of boats – complete with fishing gear – cruising up and down the river.

Small Wren at the Campsite at Gunbower

We had a large number of very small birds scavenging around our campsite – whilst they were quite small, there didn’t seem too concerned about our presence.

It was a very relaxing time whilst on our camp – very enjoyable. Both Heather and I had plenty of opportunities to catch up on our reading, caught up on sleep, set a high standard in camp food.

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