Hamish at the Summit of Mt Sinai

Hamish loves to take adventures when on holidays – and climbing to the summit of Mt Sinai is something he just didn’t want to miss out on.

He really enjoyed the view from the top of the Mt Sinai – looking out over the early morning sunrise after starting the ascent by camel and then hitching a ride with me for the 700 odd steps to the summit from the Bedouin Hut.

The thing that Hamish really enjoyed was meeting many people from around the world at the summit.

Hamish meets a person from Central America on the summit of Mt Sinai

Lots of people were at the summit, and the view was really great. After the photo opportunities with the sunrise had past, we made our way back down to the camels at the Bedouin Hut. Hamish just had to hop up one more time so we could take a photo of him on the camel because it was far to dark to get a good photo when we came up the side of the Mountain.

Hamish on the saddle of the Camel near the Bedouin Huts at Mt Sinai

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