Ramses II – Luxor Temple

Luxor is well known for its Temples. There are two main Temple complexes in Luxor, Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple. At night we visited the Luxor Temple which was walking distance from the Nile Cruiser that we were staying in. The Temple is very large and is made predominately from Sandstone called Nubian Sandstone.

Ramses II also known as Ramesses the Great, was the third Pharaoh in the Nineteenth Dynasty and is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated and most powerful of the Egyptian Empire. As we travelled around Egypt, there are many memorials to Ramses II including Abu Simbel, Memphis and of course, Luxor. On the eastern side of the Nile at Luxor is the Ramesseum which is was a temple built by Ramses II.

Luxor Temple has many statues of Ramses II and others and the photo above is one of him in a seated position inside the Temple Complex Courtyard.

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