View of the Parking lot for the Buses at Masada
View of the Parking lot for the Buses at Masada

Going by the Cable Car up to the top of didn’t take that long – only about 3 minutes – Information on the statistics boards says the Maximum travel speed of 8 metres a second. The Cable Car can move up to 1200 people within an hour.

The photo above was taken going up. With all those buses, you can imagine there was quite a large number of people having a look around this very interesting attraction. I was fortunate to be in a position to be able to take some photos on the way up.

Coming down was a different matter – I think everyone was wanting to leave at the same time. So standing room only was rather cramped. I had difficulty just keeping my balance as we moved rapidly down to the Information Centre.

The Cable Car was constructed in 1998 – with the height of the climb, the ability of the average person to be able to view the Fortress would be restricted due to the climb and the time that this would have taken.

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