Dead Sea from Ein Bokek - McDonalds in the Foreground
Dead Sea from Ein Bokek – McDonalds in the Foreground

It is an interesting past time – looking where McDonalds Restaurants will appear. We stayed at Ein Bokek which is in Israel near the second lake section of the Dead Sea. We spent two nights at Ein Bokek and we had some time one afternoon to check out the attractions around this part of the Dead Sea.

Well – you must be aware that when in Israel your food is Kosher – and McDonalds is no exception. One of the main things with Kosher Food is that you do not mix Meat with Dairy Products – hence the concept of mixing a meat pattie with cheese – called a CheeseBurger – is not allowed. Hence could we find this type of thing on the Menu – No way!!

Hence the concept of butter on the Bun is not a goer either.

We did go and have our dose of “Maccas” food whilst in Israel – although it was quite a different experience to what we normally have at home!!.

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