Medinet Habu – Migdol

What ever is a Migdol. I had never heard of the term before visiting the Medinet Habu.

Thanks to Wikipedia

Migdol, or migdal, is a Hebrew word which means either a tower (from its size or height), an elevated stage (a rostrum or pulpit), or a raised bed (within a river). Physically, it can mean fortified land, i.e. a walled city or castle; or elevated land, as in a raised bed, like a platform, possibly a lookout. The term for a border fort is similar, mekter, in Egyptian. Figuratively, “tower” has connotations of proud authority.

The tower and entrance on the right of the photo above has been taken inside the courtyard after entering the Temple, but before the first Pylon. The trees that can be seen through the gate are on the other side of the road leading to the Temple.

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