Heatherlie Quarry Stone at the Exhibition Centre, Melbourne

I am trying to get to look at many of the buildings and structures that have utilised Heatherlie Quarry Stone . Recently, whilst in Melbourne I visited the Exhibition Centre in the Carlton Gardens. On the South Eastern corner of the building is a pillar of stone being Heatherlie Quarry Stone.

The Hon. John Woods was a great supporter of the Local Stone from Heatherlie Quarry near Stawell. As described on the plaque, John Wood insisted that this pillar be placed to express his indignation at NSW Stone being used for Parliament House. Part of John Woods involvement is in my Post about the History of Heatherlie Quarry

Plaque on the Heatherlie Quarry Stone at the Exhibition Centre, Melbourne

The photo was quite a challenge as whilst the stone is in great condition, the foundation that it was placed on has obviously moved and there is quite a lean on the Pillar.

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