Petra - Indiana Jones
Petra – Indiana Jones

After a good walk through the Siq, you get a glimpse of the Treasury Building as you come to the end of the wall between the rocks. You are greeted with a view that was in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Film. This, I guess, would be one of he most famous of all the carvings in Petra.

Over 45 meters tall, the Treasury was carved out of the red and yellow sandstone in a top-down fashion, and was built as a royal tomb. The reason it is called ‘the Treasury’ is that people believed there was a treasure, a very large one, hidden in it and it has been raided for this reason a good number of times, but with no luck.

The purpose of the Treasury remains a mystery — it was probably a temple, a tomb, a royal residence or just about anything else! Its façade has two levels, decorated with columns, classical roof lines and sculptures. Atop the façade is an eagle, a Nabataean and Greek male deity symbol.

The central figure on the upper level may be the fertility goddess of Petra, El-Uzza, associated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

A colossal doorway dominates the outer court and leads to an inner chamber of 12 square metres.

Petra - Treasury Building
Petra – Treasury Building

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