Victoria Falls – Aerial shot from a Helicopter

Victoria Falls – One of the Seven natural wonders of the world. They are huge – and the shape is so totally un-expected.

The falls are around 1700 metre in length and fall approximately  98 metres. On the Zambezi River the Falls are half in Zimbabwe and the Other is in Zambia. It is unique where the waterfall goes into a ravine and you can stand on the other side of the ravine at the same height as the wtaer pouring over the opposite edge. this allowed some spectacular views of the waterfall as we walked from an area called the Devils Cateract right through to the Boiling Pot.

Just downstream from the waterfall is a bridge that was constructed to get across the Zambezi and now from Zimbabwe to Zambia.

In this series about Victoria Falls I will be going through some of the things that we did whilst we were there for two days and two nights

We had a wonderful time at Victoria Falls – the people that we met were very friendly and the views both from a distance and up close were awesome.

Form more information about Zimbabwe

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