Traffic jam in Cairo

I couldn’t get over the number of cars there were in Cairo – as can be seen in the photo above, there were plenty of cars, no lines on the road – no one pays any attention to the lines anyway – even on the freeways! I guess with a population of over 22 million people in Cairo, you would expect to see a few.

For a relatively poor country per head of population – everyone seemed to have a car (or a motor-bike) – so how did they run them.

We asked what was the price of petrol -2.00 EG£ per litre. – that is less than 30 cents a litre Australian (April 2013). When the going price where we live is $1.50 per litre you can see it is cheap. I think that is because they have oil close by!!

I guess the next question is what is the price of cars in Cairo.

A quick check on the price of a Volkswagen Golf 1.4 litre is around $180000 EG£. – which is around $25,500 AUD – so this price is comparable.

Driving in Cairo is very interesting – no one uses traffic indicators – they only use the car horn. You wish to change lane – you toot the horn. Someone gets in the way – you toot the horn. And to my surprise people understood and tried to comply!!

The other fascinating question that was asked of our guide was the accidents. He replied – we do not have accidents here – except when someone is killed. Does that mean that there were no dents on cars – no – I think every car had dents – even those that had come out of the showroom for less than a day.

No accidents in Cairo !!? – And they still drive them

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