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Jezreel Valley – Israel

The Jezreel Valley takes its name from the ancient city of Jezreel which was located on a low hill overlooking the southern edge of the valley. The word Jezreel means “God sows” or “El sows”. The Jezreel Valley is a very fertile area stretching from Nazareth and Mt Carmel (near Haifa) down to the Samaria Highland in the south.

Right in the centre of the Jezreel Valley is an Ramat David Airbase. Originally established by the British,  base was handed over to the newly formed Israel Defence Force  on the 26 May 1948. Ramat David currently houses 3 F-16 C/D squadrons, including 117 “First Jet” squadron, formed on 7 June 1953, and a Eurocopter AS565 Panther squadron. In 2010, the airbase was the second-largest unit in the IDF with over 1,100 soldiers.

Ramit David Airbase
Ramit David Airbase

Just to the south of the Airbase is Megiddo which is the place mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible as Armageddon.

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