Hamish enjoying High Tea at the Marriott Hotel in Cairo

One of our constant companions on holidays is Hamish. Hamish is a small Teddy Bear is very well-known with our friends, the people we meet whilst travelling and has experienced many things that many a bear has not experienced. Complete with his own passport, he is happy to travel around the world.

Here is more information about Hamish and his adventures around the world

It is great that one of Hamish’s dear friends is really good at writing stories. Janice Williams has a real talent in putting words together and has been following his exploits as he travels around the world.

Hamish reviewing the stories written by Jan

Hamish thought he would let everyone know that work has started on getting these stories ready for you to read. Just to whet you appetite, here are some of the titles:-

  • Hamish – The Globetrotting Bear
  • Warm and Affectionate
  • Hamish and the Giraffe
  • Extreme-ly Hamish
  • Chat with a local
  • Faraway Places

It will take him a little time to go through them all….so stay tuned