View of the Hills on the Sinai Peninsula

The rainfall on he Sinai Peninsula is very small. Much of the area that we travelled could be said to be desert with very little to no vegetation. If this is what the Sinai Peninsula was like this when the Israelites left Egypt to make their way to the Promised land, I can sort of understand why they complained all the time.

Climate conditions in the Sinai ranges from very hot (50 degrees C) through to very cold – in winter there is even snow. We travelled through this area in October which is in Autumn.

The above photo was taken as we were going to St Katherine after we had crossed the Suez Canal. The Photo below was taken the next day after we had left St Katherine and heading east to the Gulf of Aqaba. The similarity of the photos is obviously the lack of vegetation.

Mountainous area of the Sinai Peninsula between St Katherine and Nuweiba

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