View looking down from the Summit of Mt Sinai

There is some really great opportunities for taking photos right through the Sinai Peninsula. The diversity of the landscape from the coastline to rugged mountainous landscape makes for a very interesting time.

Security, however, in the Sinai Peninsula is very high. There is a high military presences and there are regular check points even in the middle of “nowhere”. This is due to the number of militants and unrest in this area.

One word or caution when travelling through the Sinai Peninsula is not to take photos within or near any military installation including the check points. Many of the checkpoints can involve three gates to go through.

At one of the Security points that we went through, one of the soldiers thought they had seen someone on our bus take a photo. The bus was stopped at the next checkpoint and the soldiers boarded the Bus and went through all the photos on cameras on one side of the bus. This took considerable time. Fortunately, they did not find any offending photos so we were allowed to proceed.

Please ensure that you do not take any photo and even ensure that you place your camera below window view to ensure that no photos are taken at these locations.

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