Alexandra Suspension Bridge

The Alexandra Suspension Bridge is a dominant feature of Cataract Gorge. A bit of history of the bridge is as follows:-

“The original bridge was constructed in 1904 and underwent two reconstructions in 1934 and 2003. In 2016, the bridge has a wooden deck spanning 46 metres. Abutments of concrete and stone with metal towers provide support for cables. Despite the reconstructions, the bridge remains highly significant for its historical value, demonstrating the early development of the Cataract Gorge as a Victorian pleasure ground, as a rare example of a large-scale suspension bridge from the early twentieth century and for the technical achievement of building such a large span. It is also highly significant socially as a place of recreational use, community enjoyment and for the aesthetic qualities associated with the views it provides Basin”

Photo Information

  • 16th April 2005 – 12:55pm
  • Canon IXUS i
  • f 5.6 – 1/200
Looking along the Walkway of the Suspension Bridge

Photo Information

  • 16th April 2005 – 12:35pm
  • Canon IXUS i
  • f 5.6 – 1/400
Alexandra Suspension Bridge – Heather looking from the bridge

Photo Information

  • 16th April 2005 – 12:39pm
  • Canon IXUS i
  • f 2.8 – 1/400

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