Band Rotunda – Cataract Gorge

In the Cliff gardens, is a Band Rotunda. The History of the Band Rotunda is as follows:-

“The first band rotunda at the Cliff Grounds was built in 1896, but quickly demolished because it was too close to the ‘deafening roar’ of the water (‘Cataract Cliff Grounds’ 1896). The current structure, built c1900, is an octagonal timber structure with onion shaped dome, constructed of metal sheeting and lead sheathing as flashing. The dome is supported by paired support posts with fret work; the lower part of the verandah is infilled with vertical boards. The ceiling and floor are lined with timber. The Band Rotunda is highly significant historically for demonstrating the notions of the Victorian pleasure ground movement and for its social value as a community landmark.”

Photo Information

  • 16th April 2005 – 12:14pm
  • Canon IXUS i
  • f 2.8 – 1/125

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