Panoramic View from the summit of Mt Sinai at sunrise

After getting out of bed just after midnight, minimal sleep, about 2 hours on a camel, a climb and a half to the summit we waited for sunrise.

Whilst it was a little cloudy which did impede the dramatic appearance of the sun over the horizon, the view of the mountains was spectacular. Mountain after mountain – it just seemed to go on and on.

The photo above is just a small part of the panoramic view looking east from Mt Sinai at 6:36am in the morning. The vivid oranges and purples were so bright. The photo above is a composite photo of 12 photos.

Sunrise view from Mt Sinai

Was it worth the trip – most definitely. Was the experience on top of Mt Sinai worth the trip – most definitely.

Looking over this landscape, I realised that many thousands of years ago, the Israelites trekked through this area after leaving the Goshen area of Egypt (in the Nile Delta area) and made their way to the “Promised Land” of Israel through this rugged, un-inviting area. Something to reflect on !!

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