Orchard Street - Singapore
Orchard Street – Singapore

When planning our trip through to Egypt, Israel and Greece, we felt that it would be good to break up the journey along the way – to relax, unwind and see some other places on the way. As we were flying Singapore Airlines we would be stopping in Singapore – even if it was just a transfer.

So two nights were booked in Singapore and apart from relax, we didn’t plan on doing much other than look around. We definitely had Raffles on the list for High Tea and may even check the Night Safari out as well. Other than that we thought we would “wing it” as they say.

Singapore is a magnificent city. Plenty to see and do and getting around the City is really easy. Being from rural Victoria with not a lot of opportunity to use Public Transport, the idea of travelling everywhere by train was a bit of a challenge. That is until you use the MRT. (More on that later in a different article).

Singapore consists of a main island plus just over 50 small islands. It is just above the equator – 137 kilometres into the northern hemisphere. The main island is 42 kilometres long and 23 kilometres wide and a total land mass of 646 sq. km.

Population in 2011 was 5.18 million people – 3.79 million who are residents of Singapore.

Temperature is fairly much the same all year round – hot and humid. I guess being that close to the equator,I guess you would expect it to be fairly warm. Around 30 degrees C and over during the day, it normally does not go below 20 degrees overnight. Humidity, though, hovers around 75%. Now that takes a bit of getting used to – especially when you are used to dry Hot conditions in Summer.

As a place to stop over – it was great. We walked around much of the City area, went to Raffles Hotel – which is very english in style, went on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) system which is something that a lot of other places should look at, plus the popular Orchard Street.

A visit to the Singapore Zoo for the Night Safari was really great.

The second day started a little quieter – but we had a big day – considering the flight was due to leave at 1:30am the next day.

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