From Luxor looking at the Western Thebes

It was a nice quiet morning – not too cold, but definitely not hot. I was on the top deck of our Nile Cruise Ship and looking west towards the mountains on the western side of the River Nile. There was little activity on the river – an occasional small ferry going from the west bank to Luxor. The sky was clear – not too much of a smoky haze – the smoke is quite normal occurrence.

The sun had just started to shine on the buildings on the western side when I took this photo.

The Western Thebes is a great spot to visit and is known for the Valley of the Kings, Deir el-Bahri (Temple of Queen Hatshepsut), Medinet Habu, Deir el-Medina and many other popular tourist locations.

The major problem for the Egyptians is there are very few tourists. Our time in Egypt in March 2014 was spectacular, safe and definitely not crowded. But the tourist industry is suffering and the people accordingly are suffering also. Figures of a 95% decline in tourism were being mentioned.

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