Dead Sea - Early Morning View at Ein Bokek
Dead Sea – Early Morning View at Ein Bokek

Many articles you read say that the best time to get your best photos is either early in the morning ie just before Sunrise to about 1 hour after sunrise (depending on the weather)and late in the afternoon to just after sunset.

As shown in this photo – I did manage to get up early and capture this early morning shot at about 6:30am – just before the sun got up past the Jordanian mountains. I was treated by some great colours – the deep oranges with almost a purple tinge to go with it.

For this photo, I did scout around the day before to try and get an idea where the sun would be coming up. I try to use a Tripod to stabilise the Camera as best I can plus use a electronic shutter release to again minimise any camera movement. This means that you do need to get yourself organised well. So planning where and what you will need is important.

When holidaying by yourself or with others that are also interested in taking early morning photos, the impact on others can be minimal. But when in a Tour Group and travelling by Bus, you do need to keep in the back of your mind the need to remain punctual for the rest of the tours activities – because really that is the reason you go on these tours.

However, getting up early and going for a walk means that you do get those special photos that do remind you of the great places that you do visit.

Remember to get to bed reasonably early so you don’t go to sleep on the bus and miss other opportunities!!

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