Rift Valley, Lake Manyara – Tanzania

In 2007 visiting Eastern Africa we were able to take a glimpse of the Rift Valley. But investigating this further, the Rift Valley – made up of Rift and Fault Systems – have a number of distinct sections

  • Jordan Rift Valley,
  • Red Sea Rift
  • East African Rift

The Great Rift Valley as originally described was thought to extend from Lebanon in the north to Mozambique in the south. Today these rifts and faults are seen as distinct, although connected.

Then in 2011 when visiting the Dead Sea, to see the Rift Valley (Jordan Rift Valley) again, the similarities in the geographical features could not be mistaken. The Main difference is in Africa, the Vegetation was green and plush – at the Dead Sea – it was dry and arid

Rift Valley, Dead Sea – Israel

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