The weather whilst at Victoria Falls was quite warm – until we went on Night Safari

We were taken to another reserve close to Victoria Falls and were taken around some hilly areas and then along a water cause. The wildlife was very diverse. It included Water Buck, Impala, Kudo and Elephants. Many types of birds were also seen.

But was it cold. As soon as the sun went below the horizon, the temperature seemed to drop very rapidly and we were not prepared for such a change in temperature. We all huddled up under a canvas backed rug to try and keep warm as best we could.

The evening finished with an African style meal with a very diverse range of people from America, England, Australians and Zimbabweans. Many stories were told about the economy of Zimbabwe, Sport including cricket and our guides favourite, Football (Soccer).

Apart from the need to go better prepared for the rapid change in temperature, we had a great time.

Section of Victoria Falls

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