Victoria Falls – Looking down the Ravine

After breakfast, we ventured done the walkway from the Hotel to the entrance to the rainforest area at Victoria Falls. Just prior to entering, we were confronted by a massive line of people hiring out rain coats. Yes – we heard that they were there and we did hire one each.

We walked through the gates – noting that the entry fee could only be paid in South African Rand – when we went, Zimbabwe still had their own Currency (May 2007). We walked towards the Devils Cataract end of the falls. to say the power of the water was immense.

Devils Cataract, Victoria Falls

We could see the water crashing to the bottom of the ravine and the spray of water from bouncing on the rocks below caused the spray to rise into the sky.

The walking track followed the land on the opposite site of the falls and allowed us to see many of the segments that make up Victoria Falls.

Main Falls of Victoria Falls

The further we walked the wetter we became – the wetter my camera became.

We walked right to the area known as the Boiling Pot – the spray was so intense that my photos looked as if they were taken in a huge downpour of rain. We continued around to the Victoria Falls Bridge and watched a person Bunge Jumping from the Bridge.

The last photo here shows a rainbow in the mist from the Waterfall.

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