Flight of Angels at Victoria Falls

Prior to Visiting Victoria Falls, we booked a Helicopter Ride with Shearwater Adventures called Flight of Angels.

After doing our pre-flight instructions, we went to the Helicopter from the Helipad located upstream from the falls. Even before taking off, we could see the mist rising from the falls.

Devils Catarat

We took off and followed the Zambezi River down to the falls. The river was quite wide as the rainfall in its catchment area had been quite good.

The flight did multiple laps of the Falls allowing people on both sides of the helicopter being able to have a good view of the Falls and the surrounding area. The flight definitely put the falls into perspective and the various parts of the waterfall including the Devils Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Rainbow Falls, Boiling Pot, Armchair Falls and the Eastern Cataract.

Boiling Pot

With the water spray coming up from the Waterfall, the area in front of the waterfall is a rainforest and has a series of walking tracks that could be seen.

Victoria Falls

In all, the flight was around 15 minutes which was not long – but thoroughly enjoyable.

As with most helicopter flights, the cost is fairly high – but in my opinion the price is well worth it. The flight definitely gives you a greater appreciation of Victoria Falls and why it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Looking up the Zambezi River from Victoria Falls
Downstream from the Waterfall

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