The Siq at Petra
The Siq at Petra

We arrived at the entrance to Petra and prepared ourselves for a walk around 2 kilometres down a long and winding passage. This passage is called the “Siq”. It has been said that the Si was formed  after a crack had been formed by an earthquake and then eroded out to form  a chasm which in parts is up to 150 metres in height. As you walk down the Siq, you can see beautifully coloured sandstone cliffs.

As can be seen in the photo above, there is a channel that has been carved in the side of the wall which is use to move water as part of the irrigation system.

The Siq varies in width from quite wide to quite narrow as shown in the photo below

Petra - Siq
Petra – Siq

Walking along the Siq, there is many things to see including rock formations like an Elephant

Petra - Siq Elephant
Petra – Siq Elephant

It is a downhill slope all the way into the Ancient City and is quite an easy walk in. On the way out, naturally it is up hill all the way. There are horses and small carriages that can be hired to take you either in or out (or both).

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