Petra Accommodation
Looking from our bus at our Accommodation in Petra

After leaving Eilat in Israel, we went through the Border near Eilat and then into Jordan – we went up the “Kings Highway” to Petra. After walking into Petra – we went back to our accommodation – the Taybet Zaman Petra Resort in Wadi Musa.

This resort was a like a small village with the buildings made of the local rock but the appearance was not so inviting. The whole complex was a bit of a maze.

Our Room at Petra
Our Room at Petra – 2011

The resort was quite tired and I classed as average. The most interesting aspect of the resort was the reliability of the electricity to the resort – or rather – lack of reliability. The rooms whilst clean, could do with a bit of renovation.

We were quite tired after the walk into Petra, so we had an early night.

The other interesting aspect of the accommodation was the early morning prayers at the Mosque. One of the mosques can be seen in the photo looking at the room – just to the right. There also was other Mosques in the locality and when they started up early in the morning, it was all slightly out of time and did not sound very good.

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