In May 2007, we visited a small town just out of Morogoro. As part of that trip we went to see a sponsor child of friends that we we travelling with. The support in the area is organised through Compassion Australia. Once we received approval and met the various requirements, we travelled from Dar Es Saleem for about 3 hours.

We took a variety of Gifts with us that we were able to fit in our bags. One of the gifts we took to Wilbad was an Australia Post Stawell Gift hat.

Wilbad eating lunch with one of the only times his cap was not on his head!

It was a real privilege to visit Wilbad and his family and to share some special time – including taking the family to lunch in Morogoro. Even though it was a very short distance, Wilbad had never been to Morogoro.

Another highlight for us was to be able to go to the school that Wilbad attends. We organised an amount of school material including coloured pencils, chalk, paper and the like and we distributed this to the class. We do not know how good we have things in Australia and every time I see these pictures, it reminds me how thankful I am.

If anyone is interested in supporting people in disadvantaged areas through Compassion Australia, please click here.

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