Cairo Railway Station

When we visited Cairo in 2011, the Cairo Railway Station was being modernised. When we visited in March 2014, the work has been completed and looks very clean and modern.

This railway station is also known as Ramses Railway Station and is the main railway station in Cairo. Many landmarks in Egypt are named after the Ancient Pharaoh Ramses II so it was not surprising to find out this also is named after him.

The original railway station was built as the terminal of the first rail link from Alexandria to Cairo in 1856. The current building was erected in 1892 and upgraded in 1955. In 2011, the modernisation included the installation of Marble Floors and Escalators. It is also said that the modernisation has detracted from the style of the original building. But I must say, it looks quite nice and a little in contrast to many of the buildings in Cairo.

This photo was taken from our transfer from the Cairo Airport to our accommodation at the Marriott Hotel.

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