Nile Cruise Ships

There are numerous cruise ships that we saw whilst going down the River Nile from Aswan to Luxor. Here are two of the Ships ahead of ours as we approach the Esna Lock – The cruise ship we were on, the MV Miriam, was wonderful and very relaxing. The staff and crew were excellent and looked after us very well. The river view from the top deck was very typical and it show the fertile edge to the River and then a short distance from the edge, the dry arid land is almost totally devoid of any vegetation. This contrast makes this area quite unique.

One of the things we did note once we arrived in Luxor is the number of Cruise boats that were just tied up to the dock – we were in Egypt in 2011, but the tourism industry is quite depressed. This is causing quite a problem for a country that is very dependent on Tourism. In 2011, there was a 37% decline in the number of tourists going to Egypt. Problems have continued since then and has added to the woes of this country.

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