Gift of a Koala for an Egyptian Child

One of the challenges when going to the many tourist attractions in Egypt to having to walk through market areas where a variety of goods are placed for sale. Due to the economic situation throughout Egypt, the pressure that is applied can be at times fairly intense. Some even use children to try and sell items – trying to use some sympathy to get a sale.

One child followed us right to the bus door as we were leaving – Heather came prepared. Rather than buying something we didn’t really want, Heather had a supply of small koalas that she planned to give away as small gifts of appreciation. She gave one to the little boy. and he was very happy. Only issue it wouldn’t have helped put food on the table.

It did give the young boy some satisfaction in actually getting something and as can be seen in the photo above – we were not sure what his Father was thinking though while he was standing behind the gate.

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